Texas business Conference

January 18, 2025
Washington, DC

The Conference brings together the best and brightest minds from Texas and beyond: top-tier CEOs, esteemed Members of Congress, and influential leaders from various industries building networks and creating solutions. The Texas Business Conference is the premier professional gathering in DC, blending Texan hospitality with business acumen for an unforgettable experience.

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Global Energy Expansion and Diversification: Texas is the heart of energy in the U.S. and is on the forefront of the global transition. Join us as we investigate how the global energy expansion and diversification can follow the model that Texas has set. To learn more about how you can sponsor a panel or breakout session on energy and innovation, please click here.

Finance in a Digital World: As the epicenter of financial innovation in the digital era within the United States, Texas boasts a leading role in shaping the global finance landscape. Join us in delving into how the global financial sphere can draw inspiration from Texas’s pioneering approach. For information on sponsoring a panel or breakout session dedicated to finance and digital advancement, please click  here.

Building and Maintaining Reliable Transportation Systems: Texas is renowned for its robust transportation systems, serving as a blueprint for building and maintaining reliable infrastructure within the state and beyond. Join us as we unveil the future of transportation in Texas and discover how other regions can draw inspiration from Texas’s approach to transportation development. To explore sponsorship opportunities for panels or breakout sessions dedicated to enhancing transportation infrastructure and maintenance practices, please click here.

Global Supply Chains: Texas plays a pivotal role in the global supply chain network, showcasing excellence in building and managing efficient logistical systems. Join us in a conversation about how Texas’s strategies can be applied to enhance reliability and resilience in global supply chains. To explore sponsorship opportunities for panels or breakout sessions focused on optimizing supply chain infrastructure and management, please click  here.

New Frontiers – Artificial Intelligence & Space Exploration: Texas stands at the forefront of exploring new frontiers in artificial intelligence and space exploration, showcasing pioneering efforts in both fields. Join us in a dialogue about how Texas’s innovative approaches can continue to drive advancements in AI and space exploration. To explore sponsorship opportunities for panels or breakout sessions dedicated to these exciting topics, kindly click here.

The Future of Texas Business: As the landscape for Texas businesses evolves, it’s crucial to delve into the future of business in the Lone Star State. Join us in exploring innovative strategies and emerging trends that will shape the future of Texas business. To discover sponsorship opportunities for panels or breakout sessions focused on navigating the evolving business landscape in Texas, please click here.

Technology & Innovation: Amidst the rapid evolution of technology and innovation, Texas emerges as a vibrant hub driving progress and creativity. Join us in exploring the cutting-edge advancements and disruptive innovations that are reshaping industries across the state and beyond. To delve deeper into the realm of technology and innovation, and to explore sponsorship opportunities for panels or breakout sessions highlighting Texas’s role in shaping the future, please click here.

January 19

Join us for a night of fun, Dancing and entertainment