Texas business Conference

January 18, 2025
Washington, DC

Conference Sponsorship

The Conference brings together the best and brightest minds of Texas: top-tier CEOs, esteemed Members of Congress, and influential leaders from various industries across our great state. The Texas Business Conference is the premier professional gathering in DC, blending Texan hospitality with business acumen for an unforgettable experience. Ask about how you can pair the Texas Business Conference experience with the boot stomping fun of the Black Tie & Boots Ball.

Conference Sponsorship Packages

Conference coCHAIR - $250,000

Conference Committee Member - $100,000

Conference Champion- $50,000

Conference Partner - $25,000

Enhance your experience by pairing your Texas Business Conference sponsorship with the boot stomping fun of the Ball on Sunday, January 19th. Check out the joint packages offered in the link below.